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30 anni di esperienza
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inglese, spagnolo
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Esperienza in Cina: 
16 (anni)
Esperienza Lavorativa: 

January 1986-June 1989:

Sepa SPA (Fiat Italy Group) As Hardware & Software design engineer

I was working in a team designing complete product for car and naval engine control

BEST ACHIEVEMENT: Common rail diesel engine control board


July 1990-January1997:    

Urmet SPA  As Hardware & Software team leader  (Electronics) Italian owner

Here I was in charge of a full team of 12 engineers designing complete system for

telecommunications including payphone, mobile phones, desktop phones and

cordless phones.

BEST ACHIEVEMENT: First payphone to be sold in 15 countries for a total of 4 Millions set


February 1997-January 1999:

MIPS As R&D director  (Electronics) - Italian owner

Here I was in charge of a designing complete system for telecommunications including

payphones and pbx switch board.

BEST ACHIEVEMENT:  The Pbx and payphones we design was adopted by Telecom Italia

and sold in huge quantities.


February 1999-December 2008:

Function Group Ltd As General Manager (Electronics) Huizhou  China – Taiwanese owner

Here I was in charge of R&D team, production, production control, purchasing, QC,

customer service, sales and accounting.

We was producing car entertainment systems (DVD player, TFT panels, radio/tv receivers, speaker, amplifiers).

BEST ACHIEVEMENT:  Increased the factory size from 1000 employees up to 2700.

Managed the factory relocation to a bigger one and follow all setup of the complete factory where we got few important customer as Toyota, Alpine and Pioneer.


January 2009 up to June 15,2013:

Smartart Furniture Ltd. As General Manager (Furniture) HouJie (GD) China

Here I was in charge of the whole factory operations including R&D.

We was producing home furniture for French market.

BEST ACHIEVEMENT:  Increased the factory size from 80 employees up to 290.

Managed the factory relocation to a bigger one and follow all setup of the complete factory

capable to produce furniture in solid wood, veneer and high gloss.

Painting process was setup to be 90% automated for high gloss.

When I join this factory monthly capacity was 2 40HQ ct per month.

When I left this factory capacity was 10 40HQ ct of solid wood furniture, 2 40HQ ct of veneer furniture and 15 high gloss.

High gloss furniture was also including metal legs and support.

Our most famous customer was Mobilier de France.


July 2013 up to now:

Consultant for an Italian company manufacturing in China electronics board

Here I follow for my customer all QC control on site on finished products, and manage samples in two main factory in DongGuan area..

BEST ACHIEVEMENT:  Successfully delivered from their two suppliers around 13 40HQ containers with a defect rate measured from final customer return under 0.1%.

Titolo di Studio: 
diploma in telecomunicazioni


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I’m very confident to be able to give a strong contribution to any company looking for experienced and professional staff, due in my professional career I got experience in project handling and staff management.

I start my career as an SW & HW engineer on microprocessors, and then I was promoted as team leader.

Later I became also in charge of whole projects including technical issue, timing and financial.

Until 1999, I was stationary in Italy, and then I move to China.

My experience is in Telecommunication, Car Entertainment, and Furniture.

I'm in possess of the driving license for both HongKong and China.

Buongiorno, sono una consulente HR e sto lavorando per un'azienda italiana con sede produttiva in Cina, a Shenzhen.
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