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Project Manager

15 anni di esperienza
Posizione attuale: 
Project Manager
Livello di Cinese: 
Non Parlo il Cinese
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Settore di Specializzazione: 
Informatica e Telecomunicazioni
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0 (anni)
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  Via Sammartini 69, 20125 Milano (Italy)
Date of birth 21/06/1983 | Nationality Italian






01/03/2014–Present Senior Project Manager – Datacenter Infrastructure
BiP, Milan (Italy)
For an international TELCO, I’m holding the position of Project Manager for their Datacenter Infrastructure. All the projects are managed My main activities include:

• Management of relationship with the Service Owner / Customer

• Coordination efforts with Technical Designer during feasibility phase of the projects (over 1M euro Projects).

• Management and planning of project, until implementation of the infrastructure. It involve budget control, assuring compliance with deadlines, coordinating Build Teams through Remedy.


• Providing reports to the management, both directly and through dedicated software (Clarity, Servicenow)


• As Senior PM, management and training of all BIP resources of the team



01/03/2012–31/12/2013 Service & Project Manager
Lombardia Informatica, Milan (Italy)
I  held the position of Service & Project Manager at LISPA, a society that works closely with the “Regione Lombardia”, with the task of monitoring and organize all the activities connected to the development and maintenance of the Information System of Agriculture (Siarl) and planning and recovery from specific customer information system for the future, the SISCO. Main duties:

• Organization and Management of SAL week

• Prepare and update daily GANT


• Service Owner / Customer Public Relation Management


01/02/2009–30/01/2012 Process manager & Supervisor
TeleTu, Milan (Italy)
From February 2009 to February 2010 I worked as Process Manager Jr. at STREAM GLOBAL SERVICES SPA, since February 2010, I worked at TeleTu as Process Manager and Supervisor where I took the following roles and responsibilities:

• Head of Quality Assurance / Control Effort

• Creating and Reviewing Internal Processes

• Planning Processes advancement

• Significant experience in creating reports and flowcharts to support the process in order to produce documentation for both the management, which for end users.

• Supervision of the business processes in place, through testing and frequent domestic travel directly at the premises of Suppliers


01/01/2008–31/12/2008 Insurance Consultant
Agenzia Generale INA Assitalia, Milan (Italy)
Inside insurance, specifically in the field of Life Insurance, have been placed on a team of consultants with internal management of the portfolio of customers having high performance.


01/01/2006–31/12/2007 Head of Acquisitions
Gruppo Toscano, Milan (Italy)
I worked as a real estate consultant and financial advisor. At time of the conclusion of the relationship, I had the responsibility of the Acquisition Team, which included the management of the real estate agents, as well as the induction of the new additions to the team.




1998–2003 Expert as industrial Technician and Information Technology  
ITIS Feltrinelli, Milan (Italy)




Mother tongue(s) Italian
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production  
English B2 C1 B2 B2 C1
  Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Communication skills
  • Management of interdepartmental issues, being necessary to interface with various entities for a complete and efficient process can be carried Consummation gained during my experiences in TeleTu and LISPA
  • Good attitude towards the customer, the result of my experiences as a Freelancer
  • Teamwork ability, acquired even before the field work, through drama activities and group games


Organisational / managerial skills
  • Asset management of development teams according to customer requests, gained in the workplace.
  • Familiarity with technical training
  • Good knowledge of the methods of analysis and control of the activities
  • Ability to develop an Information Technology Project, management of resources and work-time, to the supervision of the projects to be acquired during my most recent work experience


Job-related skills
  • Quality Assurance / Efforts
  • Customer Care
  • Supervision Business Process


Computer skills
  • Excellent Knowledge and practical use of Windows OS
  • Excellent knowledge of Office tools, especially Excel
  • Excellent knowledge of Visio
  • Good knowledge of MS Project





Training Seminars Topics covered during the seminar:
  • Personal Success
  • Communication Techniques
  • Profiles of Legal Relationships with Customers
  • Human Resource Management


Titolo di Studio: 


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