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11 anni di esperienza
Posizione attuale: 
HR & Administration Manager presso Riello UPS
Livello di Cinese: 
Full Professional Proficiency
Altre lingue conosciute: 
Inglese (full professional proficiency), Francese (basic)
Settore di Specializzazione: 
HR/Amministrazione?Staff Management & Training/Company Policies
Disponibilità di spostamento*: 
Cina@Australia; Cina@Canada; Cina@Norvegia, China@Svezia
Esperienza in Cina: 
11 (anni)
Esperienza Lavorativa: 

Career Objective: to obtain a position as
HR & Administration Manager focused on:
1. Increase teams motivation, engagement, performance and productivity
2. Ensure that the team members build a purpose-specific culture
3. Develop strategies for aligning employee and organizational objectives
4. Help key employees to understand and manage their career objectives, integrating career management into wider HR systems and practices.

Driven by your talents, you really like to read about past events and the key people involved. By accumulating lots of knowledge regarding days gone by, you regularly anticipate the opportunities and pitfalls you are apt to face in the coming months, years, or decades. By nature, you continually absorb, integrate, or catalog new information with ease. Ever eager to expand your knowledge base, you read avidly. Because you can access your memory bank at any time, you are free to process writers’ or researchers’ ideas immediately or at a later time. It’s very likely that you read to stimulate your mind, to broaden your perspective, and to explore familiar as well as unfamiliar subjects.

It’s very likely that you usually equate education — formal and informal — with understanding more about something today than you understood about it yesterday. You have little difficulty giving intense effort to projects, problems, or opportunities that capture and keep your attention. Driven by your talents, you frequently examine the factors leading up to an event. Rather than leap into action unprepared, you prefer to uncover facts, data, itineraries, costs, or product specifications.

By nature, you usually are quiet during conversations, taking in everything that is said. You are particularly attentive when intelligent people toss about their ideas, theories, or concepts. Often you acquire more information and gain more insights than the speakers do. You have a gift for providing people with plenty of information. You help them understand complicated ideas, procedures, policies, rules, or systems. People usually rely on you to offer clear and easy-to-comprehend explanations.

Driven by your talents, you work diligently to separate your private life from your public life. You are a person with a reputation for being discreet — that is, careful about what you say. You intentionally avoid discussing your personal problems, successes, finances, work, or history. By nature, you have a strong, no-nonsense, sober side to your personality. It explains why you often engage in conversations that delve into weighty or philosophical matters. You like to think deeply and carefully about various issues. Then you want to talk with serious-minded people who can help you explore, expand upon, question, or modify your thinking.

Instinctively, you prefer to have things well-organized. You automatically assess whether the steps of a procedure are reasonably sequenced. You also methodically examine how each piece of the plan fits or does not fit neatly into the overall scheme. Your findings often tell you what changes to make. You spontaneously think through things to arrive at sensible conclusions. You generally refrain from letting your emotions rule how you act or react to events, problems, or people. You routinely study the factors coming together to create a situation. This is one way you convince people you are qualified to handle jobs, assignments, or projects. You genuinely appreciate having time to examine numerous factors about a project, situation, problem, proposed solution, or opportunity. You methodically process all the information before you draw any conclusions.


Name: Alessia Borin
Shanghai, Luwan District, 200021
Mobile: +86-15901877444
Available to move to: Canada, US, Australia
Nationality: Italian
Resident of: PRC
Birth Date: January 7th, 1978
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried

May 2012-now: Riello UPS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd: HR & Administration Manager Manager
Office Admin
  Designs and implements office policies & procedures
  Maintains office equipment
  Purchases printed materials and forms by obtaining requirements; negotiating price, quality, and delivery; approving invoices
  Completes special projects by organizing and coordinating information and requirements; planning, arranging, and meeting schedules; monitoring results
  Provides historical reference by developing and utilizing filing

HR Admin
  Maintains administrative staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees
  Maintains a safe and rewarding work environment, developing personal growth opportunities
  Accomplishes staff results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees
  Maintains continuity among corporate, division, and local work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs
  Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; benchmarking professional standards; reviewing professional publications

Other responsibilities
  Accounting Supervision
  Logistics Supervision
  Import & Export Administration

November 1st 2011-May 11th 2012 : HUB Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd: Project Manager
 Interaction with customers
 Handle offers and quotations
 Marketing activities
 make travel arrangements, attend meetings, prepare business report, develop office procedures

August 22nd-October 28th : 2 months temporary position at Metatron Control Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd: Senior Customer Service
 Customer Management
 Logistics
 Management of payments
 Interaction with customers
 Handle offers and quotation
 Marketing activities
 make travel arrangements, attend meetings, prepare business report, develop office procedures

October 2009 – August 19th 2011: General Manager Assistant at Contempo Furniture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
 Customer Service & Logistics Dept.
 After Sales Service
 QC implementations
 Staff Management
 Oversee the performance of the team
 Write technical documents including instruction manuals, processes and procedures in production manufacturing
 Interview and selection of new employees
 Interact with customers, suppliers, community members, government local branches
 Interpreting and translating

July 2009 – September 2009: free-lance QC for Laufers Ltd. (promotional items)

May 2009: Teacher of Italian Language at Wenzhou University Town

April 2007 – April 2009: Chief Representative & Purchasing Manager
Otto s.p.a.
Pernumia (PD) – Italy
Representative Office in Shanghai
 Rep. Off. Administration & Accounting
 Analysis & Selection of opportunities
 Sourcing
 Interaction with Chinese suppliers
 Logistic Management
 Strategic Consultancy
 QC implementations
 Fairs participation

November 2006 - April 2007: Teacher of Italian Language and Culture
Belluno and Padova, Italy (elementary school students, middle school students, adults, all foreigners)

September 2005 -October 2006: Manager Assistant
Orizzonte Cina-Guangzhou
Guangzhou, PRC

 Analysis & Selection of opportunities for our clients
 Sourcing
 Interaction with Chinese suppliers
 Economic evaluation
 Orders production follow-up
 QC implementations
 Logistic management
 Strategic Consultancy
 Business trips assistance
 Participation to business trips and Fairs in China

October 2003 - July 2005: Teacher of Italian Language and Culture
Changzhou Tourism School, Changzhou, Jiangsu, PRC

July 2003: Ca' Foscari University, Department of Science of Language, Venice, Italy
Certification ITALS (Italian Language as Foreign/Second Language)

March 2003: Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy. Oriental Languages & Cultures Degree.
Degree Thesis: “Huaqiao in Vietnam and Sino-Vietnamese Relation”
Final grades: 110 cum laude

July 2000 - November 2000: Yunnan University Center for Chinese Studies of Yunnan University, Kunming, PRC. Chinese Language Course.

Skills/Qualifications: Tracking Budget Expenses, Staffing, Quality Management, Managing Processes, Organization, Coaching, Communication Processes, Disciplining Employees, Motivating Others, Promoting Process Improvement, Reporting Skills
Italian: Mother tongue
Chinese: Very good
English: Good
French: Basic

Titolo di Studio: 
Laurea in Lingue e Civilta' Orientali (Ca' Foscari, Venezia)


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