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Markeitng communication consultant

10 anni di esperienza
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Sales Manager
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Non Parlo il Cinese
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Produzione e pianificazione pubblicitaria
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0 (anni)
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Creative Adv Communication Advertising Manager 2010 – actual Milano
Realization of advertising campaign and publishing graphics projects, websites and web marketing strategies for different clients.
Collaboration with the following magazine headlines for advertising and editorials and the creation of the creative part for publicity and publishing pages.
Advertising media planner for SKYGo - Sky TV – FOA channel
I was involved in a project for Sky art about the major Italian design companies, as project manager the main target was to involve all the most important Italian design companies.
I actually work as media planner.
Unique Media - PEM Editions - Kult | Posh
Sales and marketing activities based on the selling adv and create partnership and sponsorship for events.
Activities to aim the customer satisfaction about the creativity proposal for the printing adv.
Research about the competitors and new business for a BtoB sector.
Made Magazine
As commercial director have the responsibility to manage all the sales and editorial business.
Coordination and creation of new business through the editorial guide line that are focused on art and design sector.

NATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER Milan Gen 2015 – Ottobre 2016

Managing a Customer Portfolio, Assistance and Post-Sales for Advanced Innovative Digital Communication and Web Marketing Projects. The activity took place mainly on the territory of Lombardy (east), Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna. During the assignement I managed a portfolio of approximately 350 active clients and 350 inactive clients, increasing the value of the portfolio by 30%, with a 5% increase in new customers.

Flashbay ltd Sales Account Manager London Dec 2009 – March 2010

Working on sales and marketing department. Coordination and managing relationships with existing clients and developing new opportunities based on contacts from interested potential customers. Technical skills to use CRM Marketing strategies and development strategies. Sales on B-to-B, public institution, reseller agency. The success is to achieve the monthly target and increase the portfolio to aim to improve the market visibility of our product.

COBRA GROUP Sales Representative London Sep 2008 – Jan 2009
The agency which I was worked builds a sales network through a recruitment process and training process that’s aim to create a sales representative to be able to have a door to door sales technical approach.
Promoted activities about NPOWER service, the role involves selling clients utility packages (gas and electricity) door to door. The target of sales was about a minimum of 3 firm contract of both service every day. My best target was 6 contracts a day.
Improved sales through the creation of a personal sales team which I was involved to training people and follow them in the field to improve their sales technical process. Obviously the team was aimed at the achievement of the weekly sales target of the same team
MKM Music Distribution Area Manager Italy Milan Feb 2007 – Mar 2008

Produced sales and marketing materials and sales presentations about products for sales managers to improve brand awareness. The success obtained was to create and gave the right visibility at the new products and brands that’s has been introduced on the product catalogue.
Monitored and planning sales, reporting and managing the sales manager activities in Italy.
Analyzed the market with a focus on sales, competitors and the price positioning of the products.
Promoted the products with the aim to improve sales, the strategy of communication and sales was aimed at improved the sales target on all the brand and the success obtained was the improve of the sales in all the product catalogue that’s match to achieve the sales target of each sales manager and the monthly sales target of the company for each area. Produced Merchandising material for the events contacting different kind of merchandising companies and take control of the budget. Managed communications of the product for TV events and entertainment programs (MTV Italy) for the launching of new products and to create partnership with Band and Music shops to improve the visibility of the product
Implemented a strategy on the product placement.
APPLE Milan Dec 2006 – Feb 2007

Brand store specialist. The success obtained was an increase on sales and visibility of the apple products using merchandising material. Followed direct Sales people inside the store market. Manage and promote the sales people to organize stages inside the store, and has a face to face selling and presentation of the products.

CLERICAL MEDICAL INVESTMENT Sales Marketing Support Milan (Jun 2004 – Dec 2006)

Follow marketing research about the company, prospect, competitors and investment insurance products in the market. The analyses was aimed to find the tendency of the insurance market and the different kind of insurance product, that’s was a success for the marketing area to developing new insurance product more competitive than the other in the insurance market.
Translate from English to Italian all the Marketing materials (brochure and presentation for sign off).
Editing web site contents and composed marketing e-mail to clients.
Contact potential distributors and prospects.
Managed press office and PR activities.
Briefing and assessing creative proposals.
Manage the informative materials marketing and merchandising material through the contact with different merchandising.

EDIZIONI IMAGO INTERNATIONAL Sales Assistant Milan 2003- 2004
Coordinated editorial magazine (Imago Shop & Fair & D’Artigianato art & design).
Contacted new sellers, suppliers, clients, partners, artists, architects and designer. Target new advertising companies, potential users and subscribers to increase the advertise and redational advertise in the magazine. The success of this action was an increasing of sales of the magazine and the visibility of the magazine in the fair sector and in the distribution contest.
Participated in promotional events in Italy and abroad (INTERGIFT, Madrid; MACEF, Artigiano in Fiera, Visual Communication, Milan; MIART, Florence).

Titolo di Studio: 
Laurea Scienze della Comunicazione


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