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Consulente di strategia per la media impresa

Ritratto di Ettore Bertolini
30 anni di esperienza
Posizione attuale: 
Livello di Cinese: 
Non Parlo il Cinese
Altre lingue conosciute: 
Inglese, Francese
Settore di Specializzazione: 
Strategia d'impresa
Disponibilità di spostamento*: 
Esperienza in Cina: 
5 (anni)
Esperienza Lavorativa: 


Via Guastafredda, 8 – 29121 PIACENZA – ITALY – Mob. +39 366 672 3859 –


Executive with record started from the operations, then to the sales and marketing direction, and finally up to the role of General Manager, always reporting to the company board.

The industries belong to high complexity, mature environments, from both the technical/manufacturing side and the sales/marketing side, strongly focused on profit and market share.

The brands’ value managed is high and well known to the consumer.



Jan. 15 – today                     

Entrepreneur – Consultant for strategy in different Chinese Manufacturing SMEs, in the area of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province – China.

The consulting activity appeals to the medium size enterprises that need to strengthen their position in terms of innovation, organization and brand.

The consulting activity aims to raise the value of the brand, working on quality, productivity, reliability and trust of the market.

The increased value of the brand allows the enterprise to:

  • increase the profitability
  • enter new markets
  • attract potential investors

In order to reach this target, important internal procedures as:

  • budgeting process
  • dashboard creation
  • investment planning

are put in place.

The consulting activity includes also the training for the entrepreneurs and the management.

The training modules recently held are:

  • “Obstacles to enter the new markets for a Chinese company: the reasons of a general diffidence”
  • “How to turn a business relationship into a partnership: the necessary steps to go”
  • “What makes an excellent sales executive? How to improve your sales skills”
  • “How to expand to new markets: the necessary steps to go”
  • “How to perform a consistent presentation of your company”
  • “How to conceive, structure and deliver an effective business plan”
  • “How to plan the investment in a medium sized enterprise”

Jul. 12 – Dec. 14 

Group:   CAME  S.p.A. – Gate Automation – 1.100 employees, 250 mln € t.o.

Role:        General Manager of Came Service Int.l, reporting to the Group c.e.o.

According to the Group Board’s indication, Ettore has developed a revamping plan for Came Service s.r.l. (42 employees, part of the Group Came), with the aim of creating a service company for the Group (technical support, training, engineering, spare parts and reconditioned product distribution), operating worldwide towards the Group Companies and the third parties.

Ettore become the General Manager of Came Service Int.l in January 2013.

Jul. 09 – Dec. 11                   

Group:   CAME  S.p.A. – Gate Automation – 1.100 employees, 250 mln € t.o.

Role:        Business Manager Export, reporting to the c.e.o.

The markets of main interest are Russia, Poland, the Gulf and the Asia-Pacific.

The turn over in 2011 is 35 mln €.

The responsibility of the role encompasses the turn over, the industrial margin and the sales costs (sale policy, after-sale, promotional and marketing activities, cost of the distribution network).

2010/2009 turn over                +8%                  at constant margin.

2011/2010 turn over                 +13%                 at growing margin.

During the years 2010-2011, Ettore manages the acquisition of 2 European dealers of strategic relevance.

Jan. 04 – Jun. 09                

Group:   FAAC S.p.A. – Gate Automation – 1.500 employees, 450 mln € t.o.

Role:        Business Manager Domestic Markets, reporting to the c.e.o.

Responsibility for the domestic market (60 mln. € t.o.), in terms of sales volume and P&L (sale policy, after- sale activities, promotional and marketing activities, costs of the sales network).

The distribution network consists of 5 branches, 9 agencies and 11 storehouses (85 people circa).

The main targets achieved are:

growth 2004/2008:       +34,7%               t.o.

+13,3%                first margin


Further relevant experiences are:

  • 5 years as Marketing Director at Beta Utensili S.p.A. (hand tools industry)

Marketing policy responsibility for the brand and the product range.

Responsibilities of the role:

  • product range completion
  • product pricing policy
  • “make-or-buy” analysis
  • brand management

Main achievements:

  • creation of a 10 people marketing department form the green field;
  • product range enlargement from 2,500 to 7,000 references;
  • substantial improvement of the product industrial margin


  • 5 years as Plant Director at Beta Utensili S.p.A. (hand tools industry)

Full responsibility for the plant operations (200 employees, 3 production shifts/day).

Responsibilities of the role:

  • plant production facilities technical renewal;
  • production out-put, in terms of quality and scheduling;
  • unions relationships management.

Main achievements:

  • introduction of automation in the production process
  • production efficiency recovery and product cost reduction
  • union relationships improvement


  • 4 years as Project Manager in Unilever S.p.A. (Detergent Coordination)

Production facilities design, responsibility for the technical office (8 engineers).

Resident manager at the Unilever Research Laboratories of Port Sunlight (UK) for 2 years.



Born in Piacenza – Italy, August 21st 1960; married with 3 children

Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Politecnico di Milano

English fluent – French good


Titolo di Studio: 
Laurea magistrale in ingegneria meccanica - Politecnico di Milano


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